Art programs

Art Major/Graphic Design Option

ART 122 - Art History Survey, Renaissance Through Early 20th Century
ART 206 - Drawing
ART 215 - Ceramics
ART 217 - Sculpture
ART 220 - Graphic Design I
ART 242 - Printmaking
ART 244 - Painting
ART 320 - Graphic Design II
ART 331WI - Art Since 1940
Cognate requirements:
BUS 200 - Principles of Marketing
COM 101x - Mass Media and Society
COM 263 - Layout and Design
COM 315 - Writing and Design for the Web
Total credits required: 49


A portfolio review by the art faculty is required of art majors in their junior and senior years. During the senior year an art major is required to present a senior exhibition in partial fulfillment of their B.A. in art. An art major can receive a teaching endorsement in elementary education and secondary education. Students must also complete the education requirements. See education department listing for requirements. Studio courses meet for twice the length of time as non-studio courses. Art history courses (ART120, 122 and 331) meet for the length of time as other academic courses.