Liberal arts

Freedom to think

The liberal arts have nothing to do with labels like “liberal” or “conservative.” Getting a Christian liberal arts education like the one Northwestern offers “liberates” you from being told what and how to think. You’re free—with God’s truth as your guide—to courageously ask questions, explore, and learn how to think with both your head and your heart to find your way through life’s gray areas.

Preparation for life

The liberal arts also “free” you from an education that is just about career training. Art, music, literature, and different ways of thinking and understanding may enrich your life more than your job. A Northwestern education will prepare you for something bigger, because life is more than just making a living. After college, you might be an accountant, teacher or physician. But you could also be a spouse, parent, board member, church leader or community organizer—and nurturing a marriage, raising kids and volunteering may prove both harder and more rewarding than what you do for a paycheck.